Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Suzette Duffus from Santa's Signature

Nothing is more magical than seeing a child’s eyes light up as he comes into the living room on Christmas morning. The tree is surrounded by gifts from the ever-elusive Santa Claus. In an effort to keep the mystery and charm of Santa alive in the hearts and minds of their children, many impassioned parents have spent Christmas Eve forging the signature of Santa Claus on their children’s gifts. Because the Santa “belief window” is only a few short years (6-8 years), many parents go to great lengths to ensure their children enjoy every minute. They convince the uncle to dress up in a red suit on Christmas Eve; they track Santa’s sleigh on the internet; they hide the “Santa wrapping paper” in the closet so that the children never suspect it was actually purchased from Target; AND they write Santa’s signature on gift tags while trying their best to disguise the handwriting so their children never grow suspicious.

It is from this tradition (and sometimes hilarity) that a great idea was born! Suzette, mother of two children, was out shopping for gift tags one Christmas. Specifically, she was looking for gift tags with Santa’s signature so that she didn’t have to once again forge his signature on this year’s Christmas presents. After trying numerous stores, it was clear that these gift tags did not exist. So, Suzette had an idea – what if there was a line of Christmas gift wrap products that included the official signature of Santa Claus?

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